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How Long Does It Take for the New York State E-File to Process?

how long does it take for irs to accept efile

New York State says to expect your refund in 14-30 days, but many are experiencing delays

Once you’ve filed your federal and state returns then you begin the refund waiting game. The states tend to be a little slower than the IRS, so even after you get your federal refund you could still be worrying about your money from the state.

New York has a slightly more sophisticated tax system than other states, but it can still take a long time for them to process your return and get you your money. On the other hand, many taxpayers have unrealistic expectation because they expect them to be as fast as the IRS, which they are not.

The fastest way to get your refund is to e-file your return and request your refund via direct deposit. The Department of Taxation and Finance declares that these people can receive their refund in as little as 14 days. Most, however, will have to wait somewhere between 14 and 30 days. Note also that it is hardly uncommon for refunds to take even longer than that.

Any deviation from the e-file/direct deposit combination means that your refund will take even longer than this 14-30 day window. In addition to direct deposit, New York allows you to get your refund sent to you on a debit card or in the traditional form of a paper check. As both of these options involve sending a physical thing through the mail, they take a little longer, usually about 2-5 business days more.

The longest amount of time your refund will take is if you paper file your return. If that’s

the case, you can tack on an additional 4 weeks to all of the times given above because that’s how long it takes the Tax Dept. to process paper returns.

You should know, however, that this year NYS is experiencing some pretty severe delays. Despite the projections of the Tax Dept. many taxpayers are reporting that it is taking much longer to get their refund. Some are getting messages saying their tax returns need extra review and that it will take 60 days for them to get their refund. Many other people are reporting that it’s taking 6-8 weeks for them to get their direct deposit refund.

There’s very little you can do to expedite the processing of your return. You can check the status of your return here. but there is really no reason to take the further step of contacting the Tax Dept. unless they ask you to in your status. This is doubtless one of their busiest months of the year and fielding angry phone calls is not going to speed things up.

If you’ve already taken care of your 2012 federal and state return, you should make sure that you have filed all of your old past year returns. You can still get a federal refund for the last three years.

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