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how long does it take to file taxes late??

quickatie 21 Jun 2011


our i-130 was sent today!! yay!

so, i've started on the i-864 stuff, but like many, i haven't filed my taxes in the US in years!!

after reading the posts from other DCFers like me who haven't filed in the US because of foreign employment (i'm the USC, have been living and working in italy for about 5 years now and only

filed taxes for the first year i lived here

), my question is this: how lengthy of a process is filing for previous years.

luckily i have a CPA in my family and can get professional help filing, but once the papers are in are we talking weeks or months before i get any response. or is the receipt of filing good enough to submit with the i-864?

thanks for any help!

Darnell 21 Jun 2011


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