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How long does it take turbo tax

how long does it take turbo tax


Best Answer: It's not Turbo Tax. it could be any other company, but it's how you had your refund handled. If you allowed TT take your fee out of your refund and the balance was DD to you, it was done so through a 3rd party. Therefore you will get a paper check. If you paid up front for the fees, you will get a DD.

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Okay, here it is.

Even though you used TT - as did I - If you paid for the fee upfront using your bank info or a credit card, whichever. it will be direct deposited if thats how you opted to have your tax refund. If you had TT take the fees out of your tax refund, even though you had it direct deposited, you will still be mailed a paper check.

The way it works is that

SBB&T sent their banking info to the IRS. The IRS sent your refund to their bank info and at that time they took out the fee's and sent it to your bank. So the IRS does not have a record of your bank info. Using a 3rd party like this stinks in our cases when we filed in JANUARY when we knew NOTHING about the stimulus.

But, in other words, you're still going to get the stimulus rebate, just in check form. Because it is still considered a RAL (refund anticipation loan) If you used TT and let them take the fees out of your tax refund. and all RALs will be mailed in check form.

I'd give it a couple of weeks from when your rebate is suppose to be mailed to you for you to recieve it.

Unfortunatley, I will be waiting amung the rest of you, as well =)

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