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I have not recieved my NY state tax refund yet. I went on the NYS tax refund status website, it said my return required further review, may take up to 60 days to complete! Does this mean an audit. Why

how long ny state tax refund

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There is a good chance that your return won't be audited, but NY State is scrutinizing every tax return this year.  It is taking them longer to process returns, especially the ones that claim EIC, Child Care, Empire State Credit, education credit or claim a relative as a dependent.  The next message you receive about your return will probably be the final stages and up to 4 weeks.

I e-filed on 1/31.  My federal was accepted within an hour of filing.  I received my federal refund on 2/8.  I received the email from TurboTax on 2/5 saying my NY State return was accepted.  On 2/4 when the NY State refund site was up and running,I checked  the status of my return and I received the following: "We received your return and it required further review which could take up to 60 days to complete.  If you receive correspondence from us you should respond as soon as

possible."  I panicked  and thought I was going to be audited.  I had that message from 2/4 to 2/19.  On 2/19 my  message finally changed to one that said:  "We received your return and it is in the final stages of processing.  The normal processing of a return is 2 weeks, it can take up to 4 weeks."  I had that message until 3/4.  On 3/4 it finally changed to a DD date of 3/11.  Now I am waiting for my DD on Monday.

If you read some of the postings on this site you will see that most people received the 60 day message or another further review message of 4  to 6 weeks as their first message right after their NY State return was accepted.  Two weeks has been about the normal turnaround time from one message to the other.

When was your return accepted?

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