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How to Check Status of a State Tax Refund in Alabama

how long to get alabama tax refund

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Alabama provides two automated methods to receive information about your state income tax refund 24 hours a day. The quickest option is the online system, but if you prefer to check your refund status by phone, a refund hotline is available. Each system requires information from your state return, so you'll need to have a copy handy.

Check Refund Status Online

Step 1

Visit the Alabama Department of Revenue website. Click the "Divisions and Services" tab and select "Individual and Corporate Tax."

Step 2

Choose the "Individual and Corporate Tax" menu from the Individual and Corporate Tax page and select "Refund Status."

Enter your Social Security number, select

the tax form and filing status shown on your return, and enter the amount of your state refund.

Click the "Submit" button. You'll receive the status of your refund in the submission results.

Refund Status by Phone

Step 1

Call the Alabama Refund Hotline at 800-558-3912. Follow the voice prompts and enter the number that matches the Alabama Income tax form you filed. The system will confirm all entries, so if you enter the wrong code, you'll have a chance to change your response.

Step 2

Enter your Social Security number. If you're married and file a joint state tax return, enter the number that appears first on the return.

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