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How long to get taxes

how long to get taxes

What percentage do they take out for taxes?

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Depending on the state where an income tax return was filed, taxpayers can generally check the status of their refunds by phone or online. State taxing authorities are usually able to let a taxpayer know the status of her refund and can give general updates as to whether or not refunds are on schedule for that particular year. Most state taxing authorities need to know certain confidential data regarding a state tax refund, such as the taxpayer's Social Security number, the filing status and the exact amount of the anticipated tax refund. If the taxpayer cannot prove her identity, status updates regarding refunds may not be disclosed.

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How do you get your refund from the IRS?

Once tax return documentation is accepted, individuals can receive their federal refund by direct deposit or a paper

check sent by mail. The government also provides the option of applying the refund towards a U.S. Series I savings bond.

Where can you get help with your taxes if you are unemployed?

The Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, has the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program that can give unemployed people free help with their taxes, and its options include getting taxes prepared in person or getting guided assistance with online tax preparation software. The IRS website has options to find sites that offer the service locally, and some of these locations include schools, libraries, shopping malls and community centers.

Can you get help filing taxes on the website?

The Internal Revenue Service has a free filing service on the website. The site also has a FAQ page to troubleshoot any filing questions.

How long does it normally take to get your tax return?

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