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how long to get your tax return back

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It's my favorite time of year again - no, it's not Christmas time yet - it's tax refund time! If you have worked at all during your time in Australia then your employer will have withheld tax - and from now (July) you can claim it back!

Most temporary workers in Australia overpay tax and are due some kind of a refund. Everyone who works in Australia must file a tax return at the end of the financial year or before you leave Australia. There are fines for people who do not file a return. Maybe you’ve been working a few solid months of bar work or been travelling around while doing odd jobs? Either way you may be due tax back for a number of reasons such as you didn’t work the whole year, you were paying the wrong rate or you may even be entitled to claim back some expenses.

Here are some common questions about how to claim your tax refund:

“What do I need to file a tax refund?”

You will need what is known as a Group Certificate, which is a statement from your employer which shows how much money you earned and how much tax was withheld during the tax year. If you have had multiple jobs while you have been working in Australia, you will need a Group Certificate from each employer. Once you have

this you can apply for your tax refund as soon as the tax year ends on 30 June or when you are leaving Australia, whichever comes first.

“How to I file my tax refund?”

You can either do it yourself or use a tax agent. Tax Packs are available from newsagencies or the Tax Office. A Tax Return Kit is also available from your local post office. You can also lodge a paperless refund online at using E-Tax. There are heaps of online tax agents that specialise in tax refunds for backpackers. They usually charge a fee of about 12% of your refund. Check out Taxback Australia for more info.

“How long does it take?”

By lodging your tax return online, you will most likely get your refund in about 2 weeks. By mail it will take about 6 weeks, and using an agent will vary; they usually charge more for a faster tax refund.

“What are some examples of work related expense I can claim back?”

Example of work related expenses you can claim are RSA/RCG and Green Card Courses, Safety Equipment (safety boots, high visibility vest, etc), Stationary, Tools, Travel records between jobs and work sites, Uniform and Laundry expenses – DON'T FORGET YOUR RECEIPTS! You cannot claim anything back without a receipt.

“What should I spent my tax refund on”?

Me? I'm going to buy that Digital SLR camera that I have been dreaming about.

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