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How many people file taxes electronically

how many people file taxes electronically

Majority of Americans under age 50 plan to file returns electronically

PRINCETON, NJ -- As many Americans scramble to finish their federal income tax returns by April 15, a new Gallup economic poll finds that Americans are now just as likely to say they will file their tax returns by mail as they are to file them electronically, with younger Americans much more likely to do so than older Americans. This is the highest proportion of Americans saying they plan to file their returns electronically since Gallup first asked the question eight years ago.

A recent Experian/Gallup Personal Credit Index survey also shows that most Americans expect to receive a tax refund this year, and that they will use their refunds mostly to pay off bills and debt. Over half of Americans who owe money to the government say they will pay the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) the entire amount without borrowing money, while about one in four plan to borrow money to pay their taxes in full, or plan to participate in an IRS installment payment plan.

Americans Split About Filing Tax Returns by Mail or


The Gallup poll on economy and finance, conducted Apr. 4-7, finds that Americans are equally likely to say they will file their tax return by mail (43%) as they are to file electronically (44%). In all previous years when this question was asked, more people indicated they would file by regular mail than electronically.

In 1997, when this question was first asked, more than three in four Americans said they planned to file their tax returns by mail, and only one in six said electronically. Since that time, there has been a gradual increase in electronic filing. By 2003, only a slim majority of Americans, 52%, said they planned to file by mail, while one-third (34%) said they would file their returns electronically.

Over the years, electronic filing as gained popularity among people in all age groups, but this is the first year when Americans under age 50 are more likely to file their taxes electronically than to file them by mail.

Are you planning to, or did you already, send your tax return to the IRS by mail, or electronically by computer?

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