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How many returns can i do with turbo tax

how many returns can i do with turbo tax

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Bought Intuit's 2014 Turbo tax software to file my taxes and I was unfortunate to be victim of identity theft. Spoke with the customer service folks several times to resolve the issue and they gave me the free credit bureau service and was asked to give them a copy of my receipt for $69.54 to get the refund for the software. Sent them the copy of the receipt back in April and again 2 more times to the same email ID, and they still can't figure out even after 8 weeks why I have not got the check or even acknowledge the receipt of my email.

I recently got audited by the State from taxes filed back in 2011. I have been using turbo tax for several years and this was the first. After receiving the letter, which stated I owe them 600$, which included fees accumulated since 2011, naturally I was upset and confused! I wasn't given any info on why and me not being savvy in this area I called Turbo Tax since they "guarantee" accuracy, have free audit protection and say you can get help 24 hr a day. Well. After calling day in

and day out and not being able to get through to TT and not getting any real help online to questions I had I had to go to H&R Block for help since I had a deadline to pay my 600$. H&R Block amended my taxes, although I still owed the State, which was more $$ out of my pocket. H&R said that my wages on one of my W2's wasn't calculated in my state income tax.

And if it is there, I'm sure I didn't check it or like I said maybe there was a glitch bc there was another boxed checked under it that they didn't explain what it was. So all in all with this rant, I'll most likely continue to owe the state if this box exists and has carried over all these years and TT doesn't guarantee anything or even provide the assistance you need to figure it out. I always that wow, TT is easy, no hassles, it's guided well after years of thinking my friends were paranoid I should have went to their tax consultant. I will never recommend TT or use them again. Good Luck to anyone that's audited, it's beyond anxiety provoking

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