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Official Cozumel Taxi Fares

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Cozumel's Taxi Union (Sindicato Unico del Choferes, Taxistas y Similares de la Isla de Cozumel) has been generous enough to share with us the fare schedules which went into effect as of January, 2002. (Special thanks also to Charles Stearns, long-time social activist and island resident for getting and sharing this info with the rest of us!)

Most taxi drivers are honest, hard-working citizens of the island. But there are a few bad apples in any barrel, right? So let's work with the union here to keep fares correct (and not get ourselves overcharged at the same time!)

We are aware that it is now 2007. But this is Cozumel and fares have scarcely gone up in the past 5 years. They are just a tad higher but not by much and these tables will give you a very good idea of what to expect to pay. Just figure possibly as much as 10% more than what you see listed. For example, the 2002 tables list the fare from town to Chankannab National Park at $90 pesos and it's currently $100 pesos. It was originally $13 pesos within the central downtown area. Now it is officially $14. So figure a 10% rise and you will know the rate you should expect to pay within a few pesos and are much less likely to get greatly overcharged.

In recent years with the rise in popularity of the cruiseship trade, a new class of fares has come into effect if you pick up a cab from right in front of one of the piers. These prices are higher than on the charts

you'll see below and they are clearly posted on signboards for you to see. We are going to try and get these sign posted fares for you as well. Be patient.

In addition, we've provided printable, slightly enlarged scans of the actual document itself which should prove especially helpful to local folks who do a lot of traveling around in town and to out-of-the-way non-tourist locales.

For visitors to the island who don't speak enough Spanish to decipher these charts, we would suggest that you make note of the info listed below per your needs. But also make, and take with you the printable rates pages. That way you can wave it around so the driver sees what you have and he is far less likely to try and take advantage of you because you are a stranger in a strange land.

In any case, always ask the fare before you get in a cab. If the figure he gives you is way off the mark, or he refuses to tell you how much you will be charged, don't get in that cab.

A good tactic is to have a pretty good idea of what the fare will be and say to the potential driver: "$100 pesos to Chankannab, right?" If he turns around and says, yes, you're all set. If he says, no it's $110 pesos, maybe take the cab but there went his tip. If he tells you iit's $150, ask to see his taxi chart which is known as his card, his tarjeta. (tar HAY tah).

Taxi Fares to the Airport from Various Island Locations*

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