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How much are texas property taxes

how much are texas property taxes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is involved in a property tax appeal?

File a written protest by the deadline.

  • Research Appraisal District Records.
  • Obtain sales comparables and equity comparables.
  • Prepare a presentation.
  • Travel to the Appraisal District, wait in the hall (sometimes for hours) to be called for your informal meeting with Appraisal District staff.Travel back to the Appraisal District to
  • attend your Formal hearing, under oath, in front of the Appraisal Review Board.
  • Sign up with Texas Protax and we will handle all of this for you!

2. Are property tax appeals successful?

While less than 5% of all property owners are successful, Texas Protax is successful in over half of our appeals.

3. If I appeal my property taxes, will this affect me next year?

No, each year stands alone.

4. What is the deadline for filing a property tax appeal?

The annual deadline for filing a property tax appeal is May 31st, however if May 31st falls on a Saturday, Sunday or County-designated Holiday, the deadline will be extended to the next County business day.  In addition, if you receive a Notice of Appraised Value after May 1st, your deadline to file an appeal against that Notice will be 30 days from the date you received the Notice

5. Why is my property valued higher than my neighbors?

The Appraisal District may have higher quality/condition codes on your property. These rankings are not found on the internet, however, Texas Protax has them!

6. Property values can only go up so much each year, right?

Wrong! Appraised values can and usually change every year. ONLY residential homesteads have a 10% limit on the increase in taxable value.

7. If I hire a tax agent, will I still pay if the appeal is not successful?

Not with Texas Protax for real property. There are no hidden fees or charges.

8. Why should I hire a professional tax agent?

The same reason you hire an accountant or attorney; You want a professional who has intimate knowledge of tax laws and appraisal district procedures.

9. How do I know if I’m paying too much in property taxes?

The only way to know for sure is to hire an expert. Depending on who you choose, hiring an agent can take as little as 5 minutes and be risk free.

10. I believe my value is already conservative, so why should I appeal?

Your property value may not be equitable with similar properties. Inequality is often a basis for a reduction.

11. How does a Homestead exemption help with my taxes?

A homestead exemption entitles you to a $15,000 reduction off the

school taxes, which lowers your property taxes by lowering its taxable value.

Example: If your home is valued at $150,000 and you receive a $15,000 exemption off your school taxes, your home will be taxed as if it were worth $135,000 on the school taxes.

Some taxing jurisdictions other than School Districts allow an additional amount to be exempt from taxation in their jurisdictions as well.  For instance, Travis County & Travis County Healthcare taxing jurisdictions allow

12. Who qualifies for a Homestead exemption?

If you own a home and use it as your primary residence on January 1, you can apply for a homestead exemption. The home can be a house, condominium or mobile home.

13. What is a 10% Homestead capped value?

If you have a Homestead exemption, the appraisal district can not increase your assessed or taxable value more than 10% of the taxable value from the prior year.

14. Who qualifies for a Homestead school tax ceiling?

When you turn 65 years old you can apply for the over-65 exemption, which includes the school tax freeze or ceiling. The school “freeze” means that the school taxes will never go above the frozen amount. The only exception is if additions are made to the home; i.e. additional room, garage, pool. The ceiling will be adjusted to include the improvements.

15. Who qualifies for a Disability exemption?

To qualify you must meet the Social Security definition for disabled as defined under the Federal Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance program administered by the Social Security Administration. This exemption also includes the school tax freeze or ceiling.

16. When does land qualify for Agricultural Appraisal?

Your property may qualify for a special valuation if the property is principally devoted to agricultural use. Please contact the professionals at our office for more information.

17. What is binding arbitration?

18. How does a district court appeal work?

You have a right to appeal the Notice of Final Order to the district court if you disagree with the Appraisal Review Board’s (ARB) determination.

Once the ARB rules on a protest, a written order is sent by certified mail. If you are dissatisfied with the ARB’s findings, you have the right to appeal its decision to district court in the county where the property is located. Within 45 days of receiving the notice of determination from the ARB, you must file a petition for review with the district court. Before filing, you should consult with an attorney to determine if the case is a good one.

All taxes must be paid timely for the tax year under appeal. These taxes are due no later than January 31. If for any reason the taxes are not paid timely, the district court will dismiss the litigation.

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