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How much does a cab driver earn ?

how much can a taxi driver earn

oshoexports . Senior Desi, Posted on: 10-11-04 12:51:47

Quote: Orginally posted by mayujilo

I have heard lot of stories that after migration lot of people had to work as laboureres diverting from their original proffession to earn dollars for immediate survival. So for comparison sake I want to know how much does a taxi driver earn per day? I want to decide wether to migrate. Also how much money one needs with one daughter for early survival in toronto? Will I be able to earn enough for at least survival and after 6 mths am I saving even $1000 CAD.per month Hey Come on share with us How much u earn there.

crenshaw . Senior Desi, Posted on: 10-11-04 13:02:06

Quote: Orginally posted by oshoexports

but it's most expansive and time consuming process to get a Driving Licensce. You will have to give several tests and pay appx. 1200-1500 CAD $ for getting a driving Licence.

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May not be true for a person who has driven in the past (before immigrating to Canada).

In a poll on this website 37% of people said that they got their driver's license (G2) on the first attempt.

97% of people said they got it within 4 attempts (results of the page are available through a link on the home page).

Driver's courses from Ontario approved driving schools are available for about $300, which includes 10 hours of instruction on the road. Additional hours are usually charged at about $22 - $25.

Shouldn't cost as much as $1,200 - $1,500.

Quote: Orginally posted by oshoexports

For being a full fledge driver it can be take about 6 months.

A person who has held a driver's license for more than 4 years outside Canada can go up directly for the G license test, therefore the process does not need to take 6 months.

Quote: Orginally posted by oshoexports

After getting a Licence, another thing is to get "Cab" Plate

Yeah, cab plates are a different issue.

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