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How much can pensioner earn before tax

how much can pensioner earn before tax

Ed Speak

Welcome to our fourth issue. We made it and this I am pleased to say, is a direct result of the amazing support that we receive from you our wonderful readers. The media has also lent support to The Single Parent Bible and has been instrumental in spreading the word (so that many more single parents have been able to access the site and get the information they need). Thank you again for your patience with us through our first few fledgling issues. I feel that The Single Parent Bible is a work in progress and each issue it is refined and moulded into a more comprehensive, helpful and fun publication.

This issue personally marked a milestone in my life, as I was honoured to have the opportunity to speak with Ita Buttrose. To me Ita is not only an inspiration to single parents, but a true pioneer for the women's movement. Read our interview on page 9. We have also included a Noticeboard page for you to send in your comments, see them in print and have your questions answered by experts in their fields. So if you want to know about

something in particular, or you just want to drop us a line, check out our Noticeboard and get writing.

Now February is traditionally the month for LURVE and lovers and if you are like me and Valentine - less, then don't let missing out on Cupid's arrow get you down. Read our dating feature and my Flying Solo column. A little bit of light reading that might just change the way you view the Valentine celebration. This year we decided to launch the Single Parent Date-a-Thon and have joined forces with Blink Speed Dating to bring you some fantastic nights out. Register here, or go to page 12 and read up on our new venture. As always, don't forget to enter our fabbo competitions, have a look at our 'you beaut' single parent discount card and please do join as a member (FREE on the bottom left of this page).

I would also love to hear all of your thoughts on a future issue being a possible dad's mag (including all things for men). Please click on the Contact Us link below and give me your views. Well that's it from me until next time.

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