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How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost?

How much do French Bulldogs cost? Rare colored French Bulldogs can be very expensive.

Short answer: How much do french bulldogs cost? Between $1400 and $8000, depending on fur color, your geographical location, and the breeder you choose to buy from. Note, I cannot speak to how much French Bulldogs cost in other countries, as I have never dealt with international breeders before. I apologize.

Long answer: The first question anyone asks when they realize that French Bulldogs are the greatest dog breed ever is “how much do French Bulldogs cost?” The reality is that what you will pay for a healthy French Bulldog puppy varies depending on where you live and how widely available the breed is in your country or state. In America, French Bulldogs are incredibly popular and can go for incredibly high prices–especially for rare or “unicorn” colors like the purple/lilac colored french bulldogs or the ultra-posh Black and Tan French Bulldogs (they look like tiny, fat rottweilers). That said, you can also find breeders who sell their French Bulldog puppies for as little as $1400 to $1600. Still not very cheap, huh?

A very expensive, “rare”, lilac colored solid fawn French Bulldog

How much do French Bulldogs Cost If…

  • I rescue my French Bulldog from a reputable rescue network?
  • I buy a common color French Bulldog from a reputable breeder?
  • I want a specific color French Bulldog?
  • I want a specific color and gendered French Bulldog?

Let’s go through these particular “What if” scenarios.

How much do French Bulldogs cost if you rescue them from a rescue network? Are there associated fees?

We always support and suggest that people interested in having a French Bulldog as a companion rescue a French Bulldog first. Rescuing an animal is the greatest of altruistic endeavors. There are, at present, approximately 4,000 French Bulldogs awaiting adoption in rescues across America. We believe every single Frenchie deserves a chance at a happy life with a good family who will not hurt them and provide regular medical care.

Depending on which rescue network you go through, you will find that there are still many fees and costs associated with rescuing a dog. Typically, the lowest fee for French Bulldogs in a rescue is approximately $250-$500, ranging as high as $750. This is because rescue networks know that French Bulldogs are very popular and they know that French Bulldogs are a rare breed. So, rescue networks can

charge a premium for adoption. It’s sad, but it’s true. Please also understand that rescue networks always spay and neuter to prevent people from adopting dog for the purposes of backyard breeding. Beyond fees, there are always transportation costs associated with going to get your new rescued frenchie. Remember, French Bulldogs cannot fly in planes or in the cargo area so you will have to drive to pickup your French Bulldog.

How much do French Bulldogs cost if they’re a common color, like a cream Frenchie?

Common colored French Bulldogs include cream french bulldogs, pied french bulldogs, black french bulldogs, and brindle french bulldogs. If a breeder tries to tell you that “brindle” is a “rare” color, they’re either an idiot or straight up lying to you in an attempt to sucker more money out of you. These common colors of French Bulldog range between $1400 to $2000 on the east coast but many bad, greedy breeders will attempt to charge a minimum price their puppies. This practice robs many people of the opportunity to enjoy the companionship of a French Bulldog. We vehemently protest purchasing a French Bulldog for more than $2000. We want to severely drive down the cost of French Bulldogs and do away with the notion that their lives somehow have a practical monetary value.

If you’re interested in a specific color or a specific color AND gender, expect to pay a few hundred more to get exactly the puppy you want. The alternative is to wait and keep browsing the AKC breeder classifieds in areas near you until you find the puppy you want for the price you want. When it comes to how much your french bulldog will cost, it all depends on how quickly you want to scratch your puppy-fever itch.

How much do French Bulldogs Cost on the high end?

French Bulldogs can occasionally produce incredibly rare colors like a purplish/lilac color currently only available from breeders on the West coast. A good friend and very knowledgeable breeder once confided in me that they paid $50,000 for a lilac female who had never been bred. Did you ever think tiny dogs could be so expensive? That’s more expensive than my car! Jeez.

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