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How much do hardwood stairs cost

how much do hardwood stairs cost

The first 4 steps have a banister to the left, then there is a turn with the next 6 steps having a wall on both sides, then the last steps have a banister on the left and a wall on the right. Can you try to give me a better estimate now? Also, there is not hardwoods underneath, just plywood and/or white pine, so we def have to put down the oak.

The banister, handrail and spindles will need to be removed in order to install the steps. Plus you may not be able to reuse them, it depends on how they are installed.

You are most likely looking between $10K and $15K to do that job using low end materials.

On the low end steps will run $100 to $150 each. Risers will run $35 to $50 each. Spindles start around $10 each. Newel post start around $100 each. Skirt boards start around $15 a foot. Handrails start around $15 to $20 a foot. Return ends start around $50 each. Corners for handrails start around $50 each.

Upeasings if using start around $50 each. Then you have to figure in for fittings, wood plugs, etc. to install newel post, handrails etc.

Keep in mind that these are for unfinished material so you will be paying for installation plus finishing. Plus depending on what type of stairs you want and what type of material you plan on using will determine how much the materials will run.

I completed One last year that the materials alone ran me $26K and the complete job was right under $60K.

Here is a good site to price out your materials.

One thing to remember is to use someone who knows how to install stairs properly or you may find yourself having to re-purchase material that they cut wrong or damage.

You may want to talk to a few builders in your area and ask them who they use on stair installations. Make sure they know you are installing a finish product because if not they will likely give you a framers name and not a real stair person.

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