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How much do i get paid after tax

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Paid parental leave - how much do you get?

Trying to budget

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purple_daisy 10 Jul 2011

Hi ladies I know this is probably a bit of a personal question but is anyone getting PPL payments willing to share (via PM if you like) how much you get in the hand? I know it is taxed but I don't know how to figure out what I will actually get in my account, which makes it pretty hard to budget!

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JRA 10 Jul 2011

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Tennasee 10 Jul 2011

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Sloane Peterson 10 Jul 2011

Actually unless you request otherwise, it's taxed at 15% as a default. Works out to just over $1000 a fortnight.

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aussiespecial123 10 Jul 2011

If you dont change the tax percentage taken (it defaults to 15% automatically) you get $969 per fortnight, however the first and last payment may be a little different.

I believe going by my own calculations that I am not taxed the correct amount and will end up owning them money back at the end of this financial year (just gone) so I have saved some.

Hope it helps

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JRA 10 Jul 2011

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