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How much of the federal withholding tax do u get back at the end of theyear?

how much do u get back for taxes

single. no claims

Answer: Each pay period, the employer must take your gross income, and withhold the amount stated in tables given him/her by the IRS. Ditto for vacation pay and bonuses.

At the end of the year, you are supposed to file taxes, and then after deductions and exemptions and stuff, calculate how much tax you are supposed to pay, just as if they never took anything out.

Then, once you have it calculated, you subtract how much they withheld, and you either pay the extra owed, or get a refund.

If you only work part of the year, they take out each week as if you had earned that much every week of the year, but obviously at the end of the year, you didn't make that much total, so you get a lot more back.

Of course, if you only worked a few weeks or months at modest pay, you may well get it all back. This

happens when people only work a short time. This depends on how many deductions you have taken out of your paycheck and how much you have to write off against the income. Depends on how much you are required to pay to the gov't. Since you're single and claiming zero, you will probably get a return, but nothing huge. $1,718. Hard to give you a stright answer. There is more to that answer. Depends on how much u made that year. If it was less then 10,000 it will be whatever was taken out of ur check. then if u had education tution, it can the amount that was withheld in fedreral. If you quilify for earn income credit, it's a portion between 100- 300. So it's an idea. But u wont know really till the end or u ask a tax profession to look at the check stubs and calculate what ur refund might be.

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