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How much does fitness first cost

how much does fitness first cost

Personal Training

What is Personal Training?

Personal Training (PT) is specialised, focused attention from a fitness professional that enables you to achieve your personal fitness goals. This is an add-on service provided to Fitness First members at their own expense.

How much does it cost?

Here at Fitness First Australia we run a franchised personal training program, meaning each and every franchised personal trainer runs and owns their business under the Fitness First One-on-One brand. The PT decides what they are worth and thus the price per session will vary from one trainer to the next. To find out more information please contact the Personal Training Coordinator at your closest club. Personal Trainers do not get paid by Fitness First and actually pay rent each week to Fitness First for allowing them to use their facilities to train their clients.

How does Personal Training work?

Personal Training sessions are purchased either as a pack or as ongoing training. Packs can range from a 6 pack to a 50 pack depending on the guidelines of each Personal Trainer. These need to be paid upfront in full. Ongoing sessions are paid each week and generally last for at least 6 weeks. There are policies that need to be abided by such as cancellation and payment policies. Each PT have their

own guidelines surrounding these.

Do I pay the club or the Personal Trainer directly?

You always pay the trainer directly, unless purchasing a Triple Pack. Personal Trainers do not get paid for doing Triple Packs. It is recommended that you ask for an invoice or receipt, outlining how many sessions you have purchased, when you purchased them, how much you have paid and if and when they will expire.

What happens if I don't like my trainer?

Always contact the PTC first when having a problem with your trainer.

What is a Personal Training Coordinator?

The Personal Training Coordinator (PTC) is an employee of the company who is in charge of the PT Dept. They should be the first point of reference when enquiring about Personal Training, as they have hand picked their team and know exactly who you may be suited to.

What Qualifications do Fitness First Personal Trainers have?

All Fitness First PT's must have a minimum of Certificate III in Fitness, a current First Aid Certificate and the relevant Insurance. Most of our PT's hold a current Certificate IV in Fitness and are responsible for their own businesses. Some of our newer Personal Trainers may only hold a Certificate III in Fitness but will be supervised and mentored by another more experience PT or PTC.

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