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How much is a road tax

how much is a road tax

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Why are your scooter prices so low?

We supply our own brand of scooters direct to the customer, cutting out the middle man. This means we can supply high quality scooters at very competitive prices.

Should I choose a 50cc or 125cc petrol scooter?

50cc – 50cc scooters are restricted to 30 miles per hour. This is ideal for short journeys, nipping around town, getting into central London. The minimum age requirement is 16.

125cc - If you’re an advanced rider or need to go on roads above 30mph and for longer journeys, a 125cc scooter is more suitable. They are not restricted and can reach 60 mph. You need to be 17 to ride one.

Two stroke or four stroke engine?

All our scooters are supplied with four stroke engines. With four stroke machines you can use unleaded petrol, have better fuel economy and lower overall emission levels. Two stroke engines you will need to mix oil and petrol before use.

How much will a scooter cost to run?

A typical scooter consumes between 55% and 81% less fuel than a car for the same journey (SMART guide, MCIA 2002). A 125cc machine will typically cost under 10 pence per mile to run. ( Feb 05)

What does de-restriction mean?

A 50cc scooter comes from the factory restricted to 30 mph. If you are

17 or over with a full bike licence / CBT test, you can have the scooter de-restricted. The restrictors on the scooter are taken out; the scooter is no longer classed as a moped. It will usually go 10 - 20mph faster. Please note derestriction will void your warranty and you will need to inform relevant parties of any such modifications.

Where can I get parts?

All parts are available. You can order them over the phone or online.

Are your scooters manufactured in the U.K.

We are a UK company and to keep costs low our scooters are manufactured abroad in India & China.

How can I pay for my scooter?

We accept all major credit cards, cheques, postal orders or bank transfer.

How long does delivery of my scooter take?

Standard Delivery takes approximately three working days from processing the order. Orders are processed at 11am each working day. We can also offer Next Working Day Delivery and Saturday Delivery.

How do I know when my scooter is being delivered?

Our delivery driver will contact you prior to delivery to arrange a suitable day.

Do your prices include VAT?

Yes - all our prices are fully inclusive of VAT.

What are your delivery charges?

Delivery charges start at Ј85 for delivery to mainland England and Wales.

Delivery charges are as follows:

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