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Council tax: how much does each local authority charge and how has it changed?

how much is band a council tax per month

Council tax is in the news. The chancellor, George Osborne, is announcing lans to extend the council tax freeze in England for a further year - a freeze in 2013 will cost £800m and extends a Conservative manifesto commitment to freeze the highly visible tax for two years.

Council tax is the bill every household in England pays to cover their local authority, fire, police and county council's charges - and the data is published by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). That locall-raised money accounts for about 25% of local governm,ent's finances - the rest comes from central government grants and much of it is ring-fenced. Over the last few years, the amount we pay has been frozen but before that, rises were well above inflation:

The amount people pay was set in 1991

- with Band D the typical for most people. This map shows how it differs across the country:


The key data is:

• The average Band D council tax set by local authorities in England for 2011-12 will be £1,439, (2010-11 £1,439)

• In England in 2011-12, the average council tax per dwelling will be £1,196 compared with £1,195 in 2010-11, an increase of 0.1%

• The average Band D council tax will be £1,308 in London, £1,399 in metropolitan areas and £1,484 in shire areas

• The total tax base used for setting council taxes for 2011-12 was 18.4 million Band D equivalent dwellings. This represents an increase of 0.7% over the figure of 18.2m for 2010-11

The full data is below. What can you do with it?

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