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How much is ca property tax

how much is ca property tax

Property Assessment & Tax Appeals for the

Corporate, Industrial & Investment Sectors

Did you pay too much property tax last year?

Are you paying too much now?

Property taxes represent one of your largest expenses, and you may be paying far more than you should in property taxes every year. BC property taxes are directly based on the government's annual estimate of the market value of your property.

It is important that your assessment be independently reviewed each year, especially if it is a commercial, industrial or investment type property. Your property is important to you and needs to be protected. Do not be an easy target.

M.C. Lount & Associates Ltd.:

  • reviews your BC assessment and the basis for your assessment,
  • works with the assessor to correct any over assessment or error,
  • appeals your BC assessment if necessary.

How it works

Every January marks the arrival of your BC assessment notice from the provincial government's assessment offices (the British Columbia Assessment Authority). This assessment is based on their estimated value of your property.

It involves specific factors, criteria and policies. If any of these are in error, you will pay too much property tax. If you have not filed an appeal, the city will overtax you and attempt to keep the overcharge. Even if you later establish you have been overcharged - without an appeal the city will keep your money!

Why it matters

Today's business must be leaner. Every dollar counts. Property taxes represent one of your highest expense items. Taxes are based on the province's annual assessed value of your property and this assessment is prone to error. If your assessment is too high, your taxes will be too high.

Excess property taxes come straight off your bottom line. By reviewing your assessment, we help protect your bottom line.

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Your Tax — We Help

Fighting city hall?

You don't always have to "fight'" city hall. It is often possible to convince them that you have a good case.

Whether you own commercial or residential property it may be worth your while to investigate if you are paying too much property tax.

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