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Hotel Rate Calculator and Gratuity Index

for New York City

[ NEW YORK, NY - NYC - updated 6/1/2011 - ]

>> Tax calculations on the tables that follow are rounded to the nearest cent.

Everyone is on a budget these days, especially travelers who want to make the most of the city during their great stay. At the same time, many who work in the hospitality industry are also on budgets and depend on tips for the majority of their paychecks.

This article, then, is written to alert you to New York hotel-related costs so that you're prepared to meet them as well as issues related to gratuities so you're as generous as possible in response to good service.

Room rates are currently very competitive, especially during non-holiday,

non-summer weeks. During the week, you'll find numerous rates from $100 to $235 a night, with many around $150ish. Over the weekend, the spread is $200ish, with some lower and many much higher. Check for yourself at because rates change all the time.

As of June 2009, the taxes and other fees added to the daily hotel rate are:
  • New York State Sales Tax = 4%
  • New York City Sales Tax (4.5%) and Transportation District Surcharge (.375%) = 4.875%
  • Hotel Room Occupancy Tax = $2 + 5.875%
  • Additional Daily Fee = $1.50

The calculator below will help you figure out the total cost of a room, without including room service or minibar snacks.

New York City Hotel Cost Calculator

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