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What is Insurance Premium Tax?

how much is ipt tax

Any Gap Insurance quote you get from EasyGap will be inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax, but what exactly is it?

We will explain what it is, how it is calculated as well as showing you how you can pay a lower rate if you buy gap insurance independently from a specialist like EasyGap.

Insurance Premium Tax

First of all, what exactly is Insurance Premium Tax?

Well it is a form of tax that must be added to any insurance premium you are given in the UK today. The most common form of tax, VAT, is not applicable on insurance, instead the government require you to pay IPT (as it is also known) instead.

IPT must be added to your quote and with all vehicle quotations from ourselves the premium you see has the correct rate of IPT included in the price. So if we quote you £100 then that is the price you pay, as IPT is already included in our quotes.

The rate at which IPT is calculated is based on a percentage of the premium price. Currently, this rate is 6% from a specialist like ourselves, but here is a very important point:

The rate at which IPT is charged can differ depending if the company quoting you is involved in the sale or provision of the vehicle to you. For example, if the motor dealer who sells you the vehicle also quotes you for Gap Insurance, warranty or

any other type of insurance, then the rate of IPT must be charged at the same rate as VAT, currently 20%.

Therefore if you do seek to buy gap insurance from an independent source, such as EasyGap, then as we only charge 6% IPT you can immediately make a 14% saving before we even begin on any other savings.

You motor dealer may not tell you of this, and indeed we believe that many motor dealers do not even realise that there is a legal requirement for the difference, but the 14% saving is one major factor why motor dealer products can seem quite expensive.

Saving on IPT with EasyGap

The tax saving by using an independent broker is just the beginning of the savings you can make. A motor dealer is restricted to selling Gap Insurance to their own customers and so may only present a few hundred policies to the insurer each year. An independent broker such as EasyGap will produce that many sales in a week and so the negotiating power we have with the suppliers of Gap Insurance allows us to gain wholesale discounts.

These cost savings can be passed on to our customers, meaning you can find savings of 80% or more on comparable products between the dealer and a broker.

So its not just all about Insurance Premium Tax, but you can see you can save on IPT by buying away from the motor dealer.

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