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How much is my sales tax

how much is my sales tax

1) How much will it cost to register my vehicle?

a. If the weight of the trailer and the load combined is less than 2,000 pounds, registration is optional.

If farm trailer, hauling the farmers own product, has a load of less than 6,000 pounds, registration is optional.

For fees on trucks with gross weight of over 16,000 pounds, call the Kansas County Treasurers Office

Property tax paid at time of registration/title application (exceptions Heavy Trucks, Trailers and Motorcycles). Call Appraiser's Office for estimates.

b. Title fee is $8.00, tag fees vary according to type of vehicle.

c. For your property tax amount refer to County Treasurer

d. Sales tax will be collected in the tag office if the vehicle was bought from an individual or purchased out of state. The sales tax rate varies by County. e. Contact your County Treasurer for an closer estimate of costs.

f. The fee to transfer is $12.50 plus the difference in the property tax. To get the difference you will need to contact the County Treasurer and give them the year, make and model of the new as well as the old vehicle and tell them you need to know the difference in the taxes.

g. Names must be the same when you transfer, i.e. Sandra Jones was on the old title and the new title reads Sandra and/or Robert Jones. They would both need to come in to do the transaction because we would be adding Robert to an existing registration.

h. If the old tag is expired it can only be transferred if it is a personalized tag.

i. If this is your renewal month, your fees will be the same as a new tag minus the 50¢ plate fee.

j. The old vehicle

must be sold or traded in. Even if it is not running. As long as the title is still in your name the plate must stay with it. back to top

2) I'm moving to Kansas from another state, how do I register my vehicle? a. If you have the title, you need to bring in the title, the vehicle and the proof of insurance. The person who is named on the title is the only one who can register the vehicle. If two names are on the title, i.e. Mary and/or Tom Jones only one person has to come in. If it is Mary and Tom Jones, Mary/Tom Jones or MaryTom Jones both parties need to come in. All vehicles coming in from out of state need to have a VIN inspection before registering the vehicle. b. If you do not have your title because the lienholder of that state keeps it until the vehicle is paid for, you will need to call them and have them fax a copy of the title to the your County Treasurer's Office. Sometimes the state you're coming from will request something in writing before releasing a copy of the title. In that case you could contact your County Treasurer and request the letter. Please have your payment book available as we will need the information on the vehicle including VIN#. With your faxed copy you will then be able to get your vehicle inspected at a VIN inspection station. back to top

3) What papers will I need to title my vehicle?

Title or MSO signed over to the buyer, sales tax receipt or bill of sale, current mileage, proof of insurance. When transferring tag you need: current owner's registration or tag number and name and address of whom the vehicle was sold to.

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