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How much is my tax disc

Tax discs became a legal requirement from 1st January 1921, and the first expiry date was the end of March that year.

Interest in collecting expired tax discs ("velology") has been gradually increasing over the years, but the subject has only recently begun to be treated seriously.

Rare tax discs are now commanding sums between £200 and £300, and the current world record is £810.30 for a very rare December 1921 quarterly issue.

The most collectable tax discs are those with their borders/margins (known as selvedge) remaining intact and in excellent condition. Early discs had no perforations and therefore

selvedge had to be cut away. This was often done poorly, and will devalue a disc.

You can learn more about velology by subscribing to Collecticus magazine, a unique companion publication for the Collecticus online auctions. Each issue includes a special velology section, containing a wide range of tax discs. These tax discs are all available to buy with low start prices and no reserves, and auction results are published in the magazine, making it easy to analyse current trends in the market place.

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