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How much is my tax liability?

how much is my tax liability

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Hello Friends, I am trying to accommodate many questions from lots of stunt's like us. So do not panic if it give u pain. This must be question of many more student as last time many h1 files not picked up or got rejected. There is no need to Fully Understand the following situation and.

I practice medicine as a sole propietor. Next month I am going to start working some hours at another doctor office (doctor 2). Doctor 2, have a professinal corporation (PC). If I am working for doctor 2 and he is held liable in a malpracice case, would I will be held liable too? (He is.


am a tenant in a condo owned by someone else. The community is run by an HOA. I understand that they have responisbility for all common areas including the covered parking spaces provided to the occupants of the condos. I recently sustained considerable damage ($2400) to the bumper on my.

Hi, I am working in US since Sept '06 in US on H1B Visa. My Wife joined me here in US in Oct 06 on H4 Dependent VISA. As per the current W2 form from my employer, my Income is around $19500. Also I have already paid around $4100 towards Federal Taxes and around $1100 towards State taxes. I.

I do payroll for a home based business - can someone tell me the approximate tax liability for an annual income of 14,640 for one of our employees who will be claiming 6 depdendents. She works part-time for us and this is her only income. Is there a table that I can download or some calculation.

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