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How much is pa gas tax

how much is pa gas tax


  • PA collect $.31 per gallon of gas.
  • PA is the 8th highest in the nation in terms of gas tax. [1]
  • Every 1 cent of the federal gasoline-diesel fuel tax generates about $1.1 billion a year in revenue to plow into Federal Highway Administration programs. [2]

  • State Senator Sean Logan (as of April, 2006) wants the state of Pennsylvania to suspend its gasoline tax to help ease the high gas prices (hitting $3.00 per gallon at the pump for regular unleaded). Logan, of Monroeville, says he'll introduce a bill to suspend the 31 cent per gallon tax until October 31, 2006.
  • Sam Berninger,, wrote in 2005:
"The way to fix Philadelphia and Pittsburgh's mass-transit problems is not raising taxes on everyone and using

the money to subsidize inefficient, corrupt bureaucracies," High said. "Rather than looking to the rest of the state to bail them out again, Philly and Pittsburgh ought to first reform (or privatize) their mass transit companies - just as Harrisburg needs to reform its job-killing laws."

  • Gas Windfall Tax from Libertarians and US Senate Candidate, Tom Martin, from April 2006
  • Gas-tax-plank-Brightbill. May 2006 from opponent, Mike Folmer


In 2005, Pennsylvania considered making changes to the gas tax.

State House Majority Leader, Sam Smith, R, was saying the odds of a hike in the tax were "better than 50-50." Stephen MacNett, general counsel to the Senate's GOP majority, said the tax increase was almost certain. how much is pa gas tax

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