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How much is property tax in california

how much is property tax in california

To estimate property taxes on a property in California, you can use 1.25% of purchase price as a rule of thumb for the 1st year's tax bill. When you purchase a home, the county tax assessor reassesses the property and sets a new property tax amount based on your purchase price. Your property taxes will be approximately 1% of your purchase price, plus any voter approved bonded indebtedness of the community (hence the 1.25% rule of thumb). Additionally a community may have a "Mello-Roos" assessment. For example, every home located within the Mt. Diablo School District has a $67 per year Mellos-Roos assessment added to their tax bill. Another common item you may find on the tax bill is for "pest abatement", or a bond for a sewer district.

Proposition 13 limits property tax increase to 2% annually

In future years, the tax assessor is allowed to increase the accessed value by 2% appreciation per year.

This is a deduction of $7,000 from the "accessed value" and applies only to owner-occupied properties. Once you've purchased a home you will received a card to fill out to apply for the exemption. The card must be completed and returned between March 1st and April 15th. Applications submitted after April 15th, but before the end of the year will qualify for only 80% of the exemption.

Supplemental Property Tax Bill

The Supplemental Property Tax Bill is for the difference between the tax based on the seller's assessed value and the tax based on your new assessed value.

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