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How much is tax band c

how much is tax band c

Be scam aware! Council tax scams

Our Trading Standards team are aware of potential council tax scams, from telephone and doorstep callers. Check our Be Scam Aware page for the latest Scam Alerts, and to register for email updates.

it's free to challenge your council tax band - you don't need to pay any fees or charges

you can check and challenge your council tax band yourself - you don't need a representative or agent

if you're due a refund, we'll send it to you straight away if we can, or write to you if we need more information - we won't ask for your bank details by phone or on the doorstep

if you have any questions about your council tax, you can call us on 0300 300 8306, or email

The Valuation Office Agency have also issued a warning about council tax scams: read it on GOV.UK - Council tax scams .

Can my band change?

Your property's council tax band may change if you appeal it and are successful.

If someone who is substantially and permanently disabled lives in your property, you may qualify for a disabled person's band reduction.

Your property's council tax band may also change if improvements are made to the property. In this case, the council tax band will only change when a relevant transaction takes place. For example, if you sell your property after improving it, the new owner may have to pay a higher band of council tax.

You can find

out if a property has been improved on the council tax valuation list. provided by the Valuation Office Agency. Properties which may be rebanded following a relevant transaction are highlighted with an Improvement indicator .

Banding of family annexes

If you add an annexe to your property, the Valuation Office Agency may decide that the annexe should be banded separately for council tax. If this happens, you will have to start paying council tax for the annexe as soon as it is completed. If the annexe is occupied by a relative of the residents of the main dwelling, it may qualify for a council tax discount or exemption - contact us for advice on 0300 300 8306 .

How we work out your council tax

The process for deciding how much you have to pay is:

we work out our 'Budget Requirement'. This is the amount of money we need to provide all your public services

we take off the funding we get from Central Government in grants. We also make an adjustment for the amount we collected in the previous year

we divide the balance by the 'tax base'. This is the number of properties in Central Bedfordshire, counted as if every one was in Band D

we adjust the charge depending on which valuation band your property is in

finally, we add on the amounts needed by the Police Authority, the Fire & Rescue Authority and your local town or parish. This gives the final figure as shown on your bill

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