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Paying by direct debit is an easy way to pay your Council Tax. Contact us with your bank details and we do the rest.

From 16th April 2013 a surcharge of 1.8% will apply to credit card payments. Penalty Charge Notices are exempt from the surcharge, as are all debit card payments.

Council Tax paid by Direct Debit gives a choice of three payment dates (1st, 10th or 20th of each month). As part of the Direct Debit guarantee you will always be kept informed of any changes to the amount we need to collect.

To pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit please contact the Council Tax section on 01483 755855, please have your bank details and Council Tax reference number to hand.

What is Council Tax?

Council Tax is set by local councils to help pay for local services.

Each year, Woking Borough Council is responsible for collecting Council Tax from Borough residents for its own services and those provided by Surrey County Council and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey. For 2015/2016, the total amount to be collected is Ј65 million of which:

    Ј8.5 million is for Woking Borough Council Ј8.5 million for the Police and Crime Commissioner Ј48 million for Surrey County Council.

What you need to pay

The amount you pay is based upon the property band your home falls in and

the level of tax set for each band. Generally, the higher the value of your home, the more you will pay.

The value of your home was assessed by the Valuation Office Agency, not by Woking Borough Council, based on its estimated sale value on 1 April 1991. Your home was valued to establish its relative value compared with other homes. Any changes in property values, up or down, since then cannot be taken into account.

The amounts for each band has been set by the Government and the basic rate is fixed at Band D level. In Woking for 2015/16, the overall tax at Band D is Ј1,652.38 - an increase of 2% over the previous year.

The table below shows the Council Tax level for each band and your bill shows which band applies to your home.

If you live in a Band A property you pay two thirds of the basic rate and if you live in a Band H property you pay twice the basic rate.

Further information regarding Council Tax can be found here.

Council Tax Exemptions, Discounts and Premiums

You are entitled to a discount if you live alone. Other reductions, such as for people on low incomes. may be available.

A 50% premium is added to bills for properties that have been empty and substantially unfurnished for more than 24 months.

Council Tax by Band for 2015/16

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