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How much is tax for 6 months

how much is tax for 6 months

Claiming back tax when only working for 6 months on 457 visa


Do you know if you were considered resident or not for this period? I believe six months comes into it, but intent also matters and there is an argument that you were non resident. I do not know what the answer is.

Originally Posted by BGrimwade1988

How would I find out whether I was considered a resident? I believe that I have been paying 20% tax (and 9% super, which I believe I can also claim back).

Well first of all, find out whether you have been taxed as a resident or non resident. You

would have ticked a box on a form that your payroll / HR department would have given you when you started work. Do you have a copy? Do they?

As to whether you should have been taxed as a non resident, this is a more subjective matter and depends upon your situation. Did you come here always knowing it was a six month assignment or did it just not work out? Do you have a home back in the UK? Do you have family here? What have your living circumstances been whilst you have been here e.g. did the company put you up? are you in a serviced apartment, did you move your furniture over?

Your super contributions are not a tax and are nothing to do with your tax. As a 457 holder, yes you can request to have these paid back to you.

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