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How much is the airport tax?

how much is the airport tax

If i fly from singapore to stockholm,sweden?

Update: With regards to those who said that airport tax is around 21sgd or inclusive.

I source online and the air tix cost around 1200+ sgd and with air port tax,its finialised at 1600+sgd. thats a whopping few hundred. how the heck man?


Best Answer: Usually it depends on the airline and the route flown.

A flight which is direct will cost less in terms of taxes than a flight which has1 or more stops. Generally the fewer stops, the less the tax, however different airlines charge different fares and the direct routes are often the most expensive in the first place.

So the best thing to do is compare all routes, airlines and fares including the taxes then base your decision on that.

There is also a passenger service charge on all tickets from Singapore (even if they are issued elsewhere) of $SGD21pp.


are bound to be websites where you can search and compare at a glance and chose the best option.

All the best

PS In answer to your later question, as I said, the price varies from airline to airline and also depends on your route. The price of airport taxes can be ridiculous so thats why you have to make sure that the price quoted includes the tax as it's no good having a cheaper fare if the tax charged is higher than everyone else. I happen to think that it's little more than a scam these days and the airlines should all be pulled up for it. They seem to be able to do as they please and it's another excuse to make them lots of money. Oh, I also meant to mention earlier that the rate of exchange when buying tickets can also have an effect on what you pay- sorry, it's a no win situation!

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