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Sales Tax

Tax on Vehicles in Texas

The State of Texas imposes a 6.25 percent sales and use tax on all vehicles purchased from retail dealerships--whether in Texas or out of state--and private sellers. Sales tax is… Read More

Tax on Vehicles Purchased in Illinois

It's like when you were a kid and you tried to buy your first toy from the Dollar Store: no matter what the name of the store is, that toy… Read More

How Much Are the Taxes in Pennsylvania?

No matter where you live, taxes can have a big influence on your quality of life and the amount of income you get to keep. If you are planning to… Read More

Connecticut assesses sales tax on exchanges of tangible goods and, since 1972, on the rendering of certain services. As of July 2011, the sales tax is generally 6.25 percent. You… Read More

How to Determine Sales Tax on a Connecticut Auto

In the state of Connecticut, private sale purchases under $50,000 are subject to a 6.35 percent sales and use tax. The rate was increased in July 2011 from 6 percent.… Read More

Is Shipping & Handling Taxable in Florida?

Florida imposes a sales tax on most goods and services, with some counties applying an additional tax. The tax usually covers the entire price paid by the purchaser, including shipping… Read More

Is Furniture Taxable in California?

One way the state of California generates revenue is by charging tax on the retail sales of tangible personal property. There are two types of property, real property and personal… Read More

Georgia Tax-Free Energy Appliances

Each year, typically in October, the state of Georgia authorizes a tax-free weekend on energy-efficient products. During the specified weekend each year, consumers who purchase certain qualified energy-saving products do… Read More

What Is a Gratuity Tax?

At some establishments you may see a gratuity tax added to your bill on top of a gratuity or service charge, and it is completely legal and often required. A… Read More

What Is the Tax on Restaurant Food in Illinois?

Like most states, Illinois derives a portion of funds necessary for government operations, public works and other expenses from sales and usage taxes. The restaurant industry, which represents a substantial… Read More

Can the State Intercept My Missouri State Refund for a Debt My Spouse Owes?

Missouri participates in the Federal Offset Program. This means if you owe back child support or back taxes, or you are delinquent on certain federal or state obligations, such as… Read More

What Taxes Are Paid When Buying a Used Car in the State of New York?

The Department of Motor Vehicles in New York charges a title registration fee and sales tax when you buy a used car in state. Regardless of whether you buy directly… Read More

If I Give My Car to My Cousin Will I Have to Pay Taxes in Michigan?

If you give your car to your cousin, your cousin, and not you, will have to pay taxes to have the vehicle titled and registered in the state. Michigan allows… Read More

How to Record an Invoice

Proper bookkeeping makes quarterly and annual tax time much less complicated and time consuming. It does not take an expensive accounting program to keep detailed and accurate records of sales… Read More

What Taxes Are the Due in Ohio for Buying a Used Car in Another State?

An Ohio resident who purchases a used vehicle out-of-state for use in Ohio must still pay Ohio sales, regardless of whether or not sales tax was paid at the time… Read More

How to Waive Car Sales Tax

Sales tax on a car is often collected by the state's department of motor vehicles when the car is registered or title is transferred. In some cases, the sales tax… Read More

Is it Legal for a Cell Phone Company to Charge Tax on an Early Termination Fee?

After you've signed a two-year contract with a wireless provider, you may be shocked to find your first monthly bill significantly higher than you were expecting because of miscellaneous charges… Read More

States That Exempt Clothing From Sales Taxes

If you like clothes, you probably dislike any state sales tax that is placed on them. Though the taxes may be relatively small, they do add up, particularly if you… Read More

How to Calculate Florida Sales Tax on Improvements to Real Property

Calculating the Florida sales tax on improvements to real property requires proper planning. Under the Florida sales and use tax act, taxpayers are responsible for paying a 6 percent statewide… Read More

What Are the Sales Taxes When Buying a Car in Georgia?

The state of Georgia has one of the most complicated car sales tax structures of any U.S. state. This is why the Georgia Department of Revenue and other websites offer… Read More

What Are Some of the Highest Taxed Items?

Excise tax, also known as duty or sumptuary tax, is an indirect tax that is charged at federal and state levels on the sale of particular items. It is an… Read More

Do I Pay Sales Tax on Out-of-State Purchases?

The U.S. Constitution grants the federal government the exclusive right to regulate -- and tax -- interstate trade. Because of this, states don't have the constitutional authority to collect sales… Read More

Does Maryland Have Sales Tax on Car Sales?

Strictly speaking, Maryland does not impose sales tax on the sale of cars and light trucks. However, the state has a separate excise tax on vehicles that effectively serve a… Read More

States That Are Sales Tax-Exempt

Federal taxes are usually the same from state to state. However, taxes that are enforced on the statewide level, such as sales tax, vary from state to state. As of… Read More

How Is Sales Tax Figured on Automobile Sales in California?

When you purchase a vehicle in California, you must pay sales and use taxes on it, in addition to the purchase price. This portion of your costs must be paid… Read More

How to Calculate the Amount of My GST Rebate Amount in Ontario

The Government of Canada provides quarterly payments to qualifying Canadians to compensate for the financial strain of the Goods and Services Tax. Though the GST has been combined in Ontario… Read More

Is There Sales Tax on Buying a New Manufactured Home?

State laws govern the sale of mobile and manufactured homes. The laws in different states can vary, although most states mandate that you must pay sales tax when you buy… Read More

At What Value Are Vehicle Taxes Calculated?

States differ on tax and vehicle purchase values. Some recognize a vehicle's actual sales price, while others determine their own values. If you are purchasing a new car, you may… Read More

When Do You Pay Taxes When Buying a Vehicle out of State?

If a dealer doesn't collect and remit the taxes on your behalf, you'll pay taxes for out-of-state car purchases when you register the vehicle with the DMV. Read More

How to Remove GST From a Total

When you purchase an item in Canada, something called "GST" or "Goods and Service Tax" is applied to your total. The total on your receipt shows you the price you… Read More

How to Calculate VAT on a Calculator

VAT, or value added tax, is an indirect tax by a government on nearly all products and services that you pay for. The rate of VAT depends on each individual… Read More

State Income Tax Lien Laws in Maryland

In Maryland, the Comptroller's Office is responsible for collecting income tax from residents within the state and nonresidents who earn income in Maryland. The comptroller must follow the state's tax… Read More

When You Buy a Car From New Hampshire Is There Sales Tax?

New Hampshire has no sales tax on cars, but don’t count your savings too soon if you cross the state border to buy a car. If you live in another… Read More

What Is Taxable Under New York State Sales Tax?

What are the sales tax rates in New York, and how do they vary throughout the state? Also, which goods and services are exempt from sales tax. Read More

Does Arizona Have a Back-to-School Tax-Free Holiday?

Although sales tax holidays for shoppers buying back-to-school supplies have become popular in several states, Arizona, as of 2011, remains among those without legislation that provides for the tax break.… Read More

Ohio State Taxes on Food

Purchased food in Ohio is generally exempt from state and local sales taxes, as long as it leaves the place of purchase. Read More

How to Report Sales Tax

Sales tax is the tax paid on retail sales, collected by a business owner or entity. When a business collects sales tax, the business must file a sales tax return… Read More

Do I Have to Pay State Sales Taxes If I Buy From a Different State Than I Live In?

Sales tax is collected in order to fund various local and federal projects and departments. It can vary from state to state and even from city to city within a… Read More

How to Claim a North Dakota Sales Tax Refund

Although taxpayers in North Dakota are not eligible for sales tax refunds through the state government, the legislature has allowed for a process in which counties can dictate caps on… Read More

What Is Alcohol Tax?

Alcohol taxes are placed on all alcoholic beverages, ranging from beer and wine to hard liquor. There are two taxes -- a state alcohol tax and a federal excise tax.… Read More

Montana Sales Tax Information

Montana has no general sales tax, but it does generate revenue by taxing the sale of some items. According to the Montana Department of Revenue, three taxes are levied on… Read More

How to Take the GST Out of an Amount

Canada's Goods and Services Tax (GST) is applied to a wide array of purchases across Canada. In many provinces it can be charged in addition to a provincial sales tax… Read More

The Advantages of Sales Tax

Some, particularly those in conservative circles, have advocated for a sales tax as an alternative or complement to the national income tax. Knowing the advantages of the sales tax has… Read More

What Items Are Exempt From Sales Tax in Texas?

The state of Texas charges a sales tax of 6.25 percent (as of 2010) for every dollar spent on many retail items, as well as some services. In addition, local… Read More

List of Sales Tax Items in Minnesota

Minnesota charges a sales tax of 6.875 percent on most taxable items. Only six states have a higher sales tax rate than Minnesota. Some popular items are exempt from sales… Read More

How to Solve Sales Tax Using Equations

Sales taxes are extra costs tacked on to the purchase price of goods and services. In the United States, most sales taxes are levied by state and local governments. Knowing… Read More

States That Charge Sales Tax on Food

Several states in the United States do not have a sales tax, and some states with a sales tax have exclusions. Exclusions include food, prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. A… Read More

What Items Are Nontaxable for Sales Tax in Florida?

In Florida, almost all monetary transactions for goods or services are subject to the general sales tax rate of 6 percent. The list of

items exempt from this tax is… Read More

How to Figure Sales Tax for a Car in Massachusetts

Individuals who purchase or transfer title to vehicles in Massachusetts may be required to pay sales tax, whether they are residents or not. Read More

What States Have No Sales Tax on Clothing?

In the 45 states that collect sales tax, rates range from zero to 9.45 percent as of 2014, according to the Tax Foundation. Although the majority of states tax clothing… Read More

List of Tax Free States

While there are no truly tax-free states, there are many that do not tax occupants for income, property, sales or other types of taxes. Some low-tax states are better than… Read More

How to Work Out VAT Percentage

Value added tax (VAT) is a consumption tax. It is different from a sales tax, which is only added at the point of interest. VAT is estimated on the market… Read More

How to Calculate Reverse VAT

VAT, or value added tax, is a sales tax system widely used throughout the world. VAT is normally added by the retailer to the purchase price when a sale is… Read More

What Is Tax Sale Surplus?

Tax sales occur within every state as a means for the state to recover funds due to it through tax assessments. When taxes are not paid, a lien is placed… Read More

How to Calculate VAT Rate

Value added tax, or VAT, is a national sales tax like that used in Europe and parts of Asia. While each country has different regulations, the VAT is lowest on… Read More

Requirements for the Michigan Agriculture Exemption for Sales Tax

Sales tax is set at 6 percent in the state of Michigan for all taxable retail sales, with some concessions, however. There are certain tax exemptions for people who own… Read More

What Is General Sales Tax?

A general sales tax is the culmination of both state and local sales taxes. This rate varies from state to state and even town to town. For example, Adel, Iowa,… Read More

1099 Requirements for Vendors by the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service requires that 1099 documents be submitted for all types of income outside of salary, wages and profits earned by businesses and independent contractors. Vendors, people who… Read More

What Is Florida's Sales Tax Percentage?

Sales tax is a percentage rate of the taxable price of certain goods and services paid as a consumer tax. Sales tax is usually collected by the seller from a… Read More

What Is Missouri's Sales Tax?

Whether it's a new computer, a pair of sunglasses, or a bag of potato chips, if you buy something in Missouri, you pay a sales tax. Read More

Difference Between Service Tax & Sales Tax

A sales tax is a tax that goes to the state government based on retail sales. A service tax is the same tax but is charged for providing a service… Read More

What Is Washington State's Sales Tax?

Washington State charges a 6.5 percent retail sales tax on most in-state purchases and services as of 2015. Most residents also pay a county sales tax. Read More

What Is the Purpose of Sales Tax?

A sales tax is a levy or special fee charged on products and services by retailers and service providers on any monies collected from sales. Sales tax includes state, county… Read More

How to Subtract Sales Tax

Figuring out sales tax on a previous purchase is simple math. So is determining what the price of an item is that you already purchased before tax was added to… Read More

How to Compute Arkansas Sales Tax

Arkansas imposes a state sales tax on purchases in the state. The tax has two different rates: one for general purchases and one for food purchases. Depending on where you… Read More

How to Calculate Sales Tax in Virginia

How much a person pays in Virginia sales tax depends on where the sale takes place. There are many parties that are exempt from paying sales tax in Virginia. Read More

UK VAT Refund Rules

Value Added Tax is a United Kingdom tax which is similar to sales tax. The main difference is that it's applied at every stage of the manufacturing and supply process.… Read More

How to Obtain a Sales Tax Exempt Number

A sales tax exempt number is a number that you can present when you purchase items for your non-profit business or organization and you will not have to pay sales… Read More

Georgia Sales Tax Laws

Georgia sales taxes apply to the sale of all tangible personal property, including sales over the Internet for products shipped to Georgia. The state government imposes a sales tax and… Read More

Colorado Sales Tax Rules

The state of Colorado and counties and cities within Colorado charge sales tax on the purchase of goods. Services are generally exempt from sales tax. The state provides a list… Read More

What Is Provincial Sales Tax in Ontario?

The Provincial Sales Tax (PST) in Ontario is also known as the Retail Sales Tax (RST), Ontario Sales Tax (OST) and the Ontario Retail Sales Tax (ORST). As of July… Read More

How to Figure Out Sales Tax on an Item

Sales tax can be calculated for an item using a basic formula. You need to know the sales tax rate in your particular area to arrive at the correct amount.… Read More

How to Multiply Sales Tax

Sales taxes are imposed by state and local governments as a means to raise revenues. Sales taxes are a type of consumption tax because the tax applies only to purchases.… Read More

How to Calculate Sales Tax in Texas

Like many states, the state of Texas imposes a sales tax on purchases made within its borders. In addition, localities in Texas can impose additional taxes to raise revenue, but… Read More

How to Calculate Net Sale Price Before Retail Tax

Retail taxes, also known as sales taxes, are typically imposed by state and local governments to raise revenue for government functions. Many times the cost of the sales tax is… Read More

How to Remove a Texas State Sales Tax Lien

According the State Comptroller of Texas, failure to pay your sales taxes (if you own a business) will result in penalties, fines and possibly liens. A tax lien is serious… Read More

What States Don't Have Income or Sales Tax?

Throughout the United States, income and sales taxes vary dramatically from state to state. Some have no taxes at all and some states charge very high tax rates. Cost of… Read More

How to Figure Sales Tax When its Included in Price

Sales tax is a percentage of an item's price owed to a government entity, typically a state government. Sales tax percentage varies from state to state and municipality to municipality.… Read More

How to Avoid Sales Taxes on Boats

You may find businesses purporting to help you avoid the sales tax on your boat purchase. This "help" is never free and is misleading. There are really only two ways… Read More

Ohio Sales Tax Exemption Explanation

A tax exemption form exempts your purchases from Ohio sales tax. The state of Ohio utilizes tax exemptions as a business incentive for companies. The exemption of sales tax should… Read More

Rules for a VAT Refund

While visiting Europe or Canada, many tourists will notice a sizable mark-up (up to 25 percent) on merchandise or goods that they purchase. This additional charge is similar to a… Read More

Difference Between VAT & Sales Tax

A value-added tax, or VAT, and a sales tax are similar in that both increase the price that consumers pay for goods and services. The difference is in how and… Read More

How to Pay Sales Tax on a Car

The amount of sales tax that will be paid on a particular car is determined by a number of factors, including the final sales price and the state the car… Read More

Modvat Vs. VAT

Value Added Tax (VAT) and Modified VAT (Modvat) are quite similar in many respects. Both are designed as incremental, indirect consumption taxes on products and services, both offer provisions for… Read More

How to Report Sales Tax Fraud

When you suspect sales tax fraud you may not know what to do or who to contact. Your state government relies on sales tax revenue to fund various state-run programs… Read More

For the past 12 years, there have been threats, attempts, etc. to add an Internet sales tax to all goods purchased online. It's been a growing field of sales that… Read More

How to Figure Sales Tax on Vehicles

Sales tax on vehicles varies based on where the car is registered and whether it was purchased new, bought used or gifted. Read More

How to Avoid Paying Sales Tax On Expensive Items Like Diamonds and Jewelry

Consumers have 3 viable options to avoid the sales tax on expensive purchases of diamonds and jewelry. Read More

How to Calculate The VAT Tax Amount

A Value Added Tax or VAT is charged by European member countries for the purchase of goods and services. The VAT rates may vary depending on the European country you… Read More

How to Calculate GST from Total

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax, which is a tax introduced in Canada in 1991. GST is applied to the most goods or services produced in Canada with the… Read More

What Is Sales Tax Used For?

Most sales tax revenue goes to the state or city general fund, where it pays for services such as education. Some goes to special purposes, such as the arts. Read More

How to Request a Farming Sales Tax Exemption

Folks in the agricultural/farming business have sales tax exemptions available to help them in running their business. Called farming sale tax exemptions, these tax breaks are allowed on things like… Read More

How Does Auto Sales Tax Work?

How Does Sales Tax Work?

Benjamin Franklin once wrote that "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." But if you're visiting London, this might not be entirely true,… Read More

Although Nevada brings to mind images of Las Vegas and lots of high-end retailers, don't expect to shop tax free. Nevada does not participate in the United States' tax free… Read More

Florida is most commonly known as a sunny state of beautiful coastlines, major attractions like Walt Disney World Resort and the mysterious everglades. However, the state's yearly 10-day back-to-school tax… Read More

How to Tax Free Shop in Texas

Texas may be one of the largest states in size, but that does not mean that it offers the most opportunities for tax free shopping. Most shoppers are only granted… Read More

How to Tax Free Shop in Washington

The state of Washington is a popular destination for tourists and residents, with its wide range of outdoor activities and the many career and cultural opportunities available in Seattle, its… Read More

How to Get a VAT Refund for Shopping Abroad

A VAT (value added tax) is similar to an American sales tax, but it is applied in most European countries to shopping purchases and automatically added into the price. Tourists… Read More

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