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Sales Tax

  • Automate and simplify sales tax calculation, management, and reporting
  • Seamlessly integrate Vertex sales tax calculation engine with your core financial system, such as SAP or Oracle
  • Improve compliance and audit readiness—while realizing rapid ROI 
  • Deliver greater business value through powerful sales tax reporting and analytics

Tax departments can't control the onslaught of changes and growing complexity in tax rates and rules across multiple jurisdictions. But you can take a better approach to managing them with Vertex sales tax software. Our proven tools include a sales tax calculation engine that integrates directly with your core financial system (such as SAP or Oracle)—becoming a seamless extension of your current

infrastructure. With the engine in place, Vertex supplies ongoing tax rate and rule updates to help ensure accurate, compliant sales tax calculation and collection. And through the sales tax software’s advanced reporting and analysis features, you can analyze trends, detect irregularities, and transform tax data into valuable insights for your business.

Vertex offers a variety of deployment options—including an on-demand hosted model that accelerates implementation and reduces hardware, database, and other support requirements.

See how this leading transaction tax solution helps you achieve optimal tax performance by increasing transparency, reducing tax-related risk and streamlining your audit process-letting you focus on more important, more strategic business operations. Watch the video below to learn more.

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