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Washington State Sales Tax

how much is wa state sales tax

By Kristin Kendle. Seattle/Tacoma Expert

I moved to Seattle-Tacoma area in 1997 and have lived here ever since. I love the eclectic diversity of the Pacific Northwest and its wide array of things to do and see. I'm especially a fan of the local arts scene, from Tacoma Art Museum to the 5th Avenue Theatre and everything in between, and the many great places to hike in Western Washington.

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Since Washington shares a border with Oregon. which is a sales-tax-free state, some interesting questions about how and when Washington State residents must pay sales tax can come up, such as: What happens if you buy a car in Oregon and then bring it home to Washington? The answer is that you will still need to pay sales tax. The idea that you can evade sales tax on major purchases is just one of many myths about sales tax out there. Since Washington is also home to several Internet-based companies, how and when do customers pay online sales tax is also a common question.

Sales Tax on Alcohol and Spirits

After June 1, 2012, hard alcohol sales moved

from state-owned stores to grocery stores. With the privatization of alcohol sales came an additional sales tax. If you buy alcohol that is more than 24% alcohol by volume, you will pay an additional 20.5% sales tax as well as the regular sales tax. As of summer 2012, some stores write the total cost on price tags while others only put the cost before tax.

Carnation sales tax: 8.6%

Clyde Hill sales tax: 9.5%

Covington sales tax: 8.6%

Des Moines sales tax: 9.5%

Duvall sales tax: 8.6%

Enumclaw sales tax: 8.6%

Federal Way sales tax: 9.5%

Hunts Point sales tax: 9.5%

Issaquah sales tax: 9.5% (non-RTA 8.6%)

Kenmore sales tax: 9.5%

Kent sales tax: 9.5% (non-RTA 8.6%)

Kirkland sales tax: 9.5%

Lake Forest Park sales tax: 9.5%

Maple Valley sales tax: 8.6%

Medina sales tax: 9.5%

Mercer Island sales tax: 9.5%

Milton/King sales tax: 9.5%

Newcastle sales tax: 9.5%

Normandy Park sales tax: 9.5%

North Bend sales tax: 8.8%

Pacific/King sales tax: 9.5%

Redmond sales tax: 9.5% (non-RTA 8.6%)

Renton sales tax: 9.5% (non-RTA 8.6%)

Seattle sales tax: 9.5%

Shoreline sales tax: 9.5%

Skykomish sales tax: 8.6%

Snoqualmie sales tax: 8.6%

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