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How much is wv sales tax

how much is wv sales tax

West Virginia has a very low property tax on homes, it does have property tax on cars, but so does Indiana from what I understand.

In WV one has to look at "overall" taxation. In doing so you will find WV always standing between within the top 15 states nationwide on "overall" taxation.

WV has a tiered income tax to 6.5%

6% across the board sales tax, recently to food at 5%

Higher than average gas tax

One of the highest business taxes in the nation

Retired folks get hit with taxation on pensions etc. known as the double hold up. Taxed on it during their working years and taxed again at retirement.

The basic economic system in WV is hard to understand. With overall taxation higher

than the national average. A net 85cent return from the Fed on all outlays to the federal treasury thanks mostly to Pork Barrell Sen. Byrd, the state as a whole still suffers on poor infrastructure, those old roads, terrible services, etc. Mostly, this is because of lack of corporate presence. Much of the employment base in WV is government jobs over free enterprise facilities, thus no other sources of income to the state.

With the above said, WV, outside of Berkeley and Jefferson county which is no longer considered WV by many statewide folks but Washington DC is a very beautiful and great place. Sometimes I think that with all the other surrounding states becoming concrete ant hills, WV still holds America as it used to be again, Berkeley and Jefferson County excluded.

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