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How much my council tax

how much my council tax

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I am on benefit, why have I got a bill to pay?

Council Tax Benefit has been abolished by the Government and has been replaced by Council Tax Reduction Schemes. In Ipswich, everyone of working age has to pay some Council Tax, whatever their circumstances.

I pay by Direct Debit - do I need to do anything?

No. Your Direct Debit will automatically carry over to your new bill and we will collect instalments on the date shown.

I want to change the bank account my Direct Debit is paid from. What should I do?

Cancel your existing direct debit, and fill out an online Direct Debit form with your new account details.

How do I set up a Direct Debit?

Complete the online form on the Paying by Direct Debit page or call us (details are on the back of your bill).

I pay by Standing Order. What do I need to do?

Tell your bank the account number shown on your bill and ask it to adjust the figures to the new instalment plan shown.

How can I pay?

Payment options are shown on the back of your bill. Details are

also on our How to Pay page.

How much has my bill gone up by?

The percentage difference is on your bill.

I don't agree with my Council Tax band - what do I do?

You can view the band for your property on the Valuation Office Agency website. If you think the band is wrong you can find out there how to request a review. Also see our Valuation Appeals page.

I have already told the Council that my circumstances have changed or that I have moved, yet my bill still shows the old information.

The bills were produced based on the information on the system at the end of February. If we were contacted on or around that date your bill will still show the original information. A new bill will be issued when we have dealt with your most recent correspondence.

My circumstances have changed and my bill needs updating.

If your address details have changed you can report these online, just go to our Keep us Informed  page. If you think you qualify for an exemption or a discount you can find more details there.

If you still need to contact us, click on the button below:

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