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What percent of my check for my job goes to NY State Tax.

how much of my check goes to taxes

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replied 8 years ago.

Alright, I've calculated your tax amounts for the one week at 224.00 in Adams, NY. This calculation is assuming you claim 1 allowance for both state and federal tax. This would be what you claim if you are a single adult with no dependents. If you think you may have claimed 0 (if you are living with parents and/or a minor) or more than 1 (if you have children) let me know and I'll re-calculate.

Matt Kesler. Accountant replied 8 years ago.

Your withholding will change week by week based on your earnings.

Basically, to calculate withholding the amount you are paid for that week is pulled out over the whole year as if you made it every week and taxes

are taken at the percentage they'd be.

This is why a $100 check has a much lower percentage of tax taken than a $500 check.

If you'd like to check yourself every week there are a couple good calculators on the web. I find that Paycheck City is the most accurate and it is free.

Or break it down by giving hours worked and pay per hour:

Just be sure to change the state to New York and enter the proper number of allowances for both federal and state (usually the same number. 0 if you live with parents, 1 if out on your own with no children, 1 + the number of children if you have kids).

The calculations get too tough to explain to you easily so that calculator should be the way to go.

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