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How much taxes should be withheld from federal if i made 70000?

how much should be withheld for taxes

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How much return on taxes if i claim two kids and i made 70000 and paid 9000 in federal tax


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I can not accurately figure out what you may owe or get as a tax refund without actually doing your taxes for your. I can suggest a tool for you to follow to get an idea of what you may or get back as a tax refund.

The tool is called efile, and it is free. You do not have to transmit at the end if you don`t want to. It`s a very easy tool to use that walks you through each tax question, step by step. The efile tool is located at the top right of the home page for the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS website link is noted below:


It is around 45 to 50

take home. That depends on the state that you live in. it also depends on the amount if you have retirement account. To assume that there is no garnishment or support to a child on the earnings. It is possible that you can take home the 70,000 dollars. It also consider when you do itemize or apply standard reduction.


If you did not pay any federal taxes. there`s no need to worry. I`m not sure what your entire tax situation is, but with the earned income credit, you should receive a tax refund. If you would have paid federal taxes. you would get more.

I never have to pay federal taxes with what I claim. and I still get a refund.

Between the 5-6 thousand range but that`s only if you file with Taxamize Accounting. They can maxamize your tax return more than HR block, jackson hewiit, turbo tax. liberty tax. or any other tax company. try them you won`t regret it!

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