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Know How Much Car Repairs Should Cost

Sep 19, 2013 by Stephen Weyman

I don’t know about you, but whenever I head to the service center to get my car inspected I’m always very apprehensive about what kind of problems they might find and how much it will end up costing me to get it fixed. Worse, I have this innate distrust of car service centers and think that they are going to either try to sell me on a repair or service I don’t need or overcharge me for low quality parts with a high markup. Or both!

Unless you’re a mechanic yourself or spend a decent amount of time researching car related stuff, you never really know exactly what is being done to your car, how often parts typically need to be replaced, and how much is a fair amount to pay for any given repair. Fortunately, getting past all that and ensuring you

never get ripped off again isn’t all that hard. Here’s how:

Learn To Estimate Repair Costs

Any half-decent car repair shop should at least be willing to tell you what kind of repair they are going to do on your vehicle before they do it, and if they don’t you should run out the door as fast as you can and never go back there again!

This is when you tune your ears in really closely to the Japanese the repair shop is about to speak to you when telling you what is wrong with your car. With pen in hand, you should furiously write down everything they are saying including every part, technical term, and detail they happen to mention. If the details seem lacking, feel free to ask for a more in depth description or to get them to explain it to you in layman’s terms.

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