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How much tax can be saved in india

how much tax can be saved in india


India Infoline News Service / 21:28, Jun 21, 2015

The government launched the product in India some eight years back but it has failed to take off, even though it can be a novel way to help cash-strapped senior citizens, whose sources of income are limited.

India Infoline News Service / 08:18, Jun 16, 2015

One must bear in mind, though, that PTR is not an assigned mandate, it only reflects the manager’s investment style.

India Infoline News Service / 08:14, Jun 16, 2015

Some e-wallets also offer a mobile app to help you check purchases and wallet balance.

India Infoline News Service / 23:52, Jun 14, 2015

The point is banks and HFCs are supposed to extend the benefits of falling interest rates to existing floating home loan customers as well, which usually do not happen and requires lot of applications/representations to the respective banks/HFCs to avail of such benefits.

India Infoline News Service / 22:44, Jun 14, 2015

Life Insurance can also act as an important tool in wealth creation for an individual helping him achieve long and short term financial goals.

IIFL / 15:11, Jun 18, 2015

With strength in Oil & gas and pharma sector, the decline in Nifty has got arrested while broader index like CNX 500 is yet to confirm a bottom (though the selling pressure has stopped). Hence the composition of Nifty turns out to

be better in assisting quick recovery and we feel that the stage is set for the key indices to surge higher towards 8,400.

IIFL / 15:32, May 30, 2015

The old adage Sell in May seems to have been ignored largely in second half of the month as the market left behind the carnage of March & April. A move above the downward sloping trendline (above 8,550) would prove to be icing on the cake and market looks poised to see further build up after the gains of May.

IIFL / 09:39, May 19, 2015

Strength of every market is judged on corrections. After Monday’s turnaround it is important to observe that if the recovery turns out to be sluggish and market starts to give up gains, will it find support around 8,200 or not? As of now, it will act as a new support line for the bulls.

IIFL / 13:25, May 16, 2015

Barriers in life come and go but 8,350 is acting as a tough one since the third week of April. This consolidation at the bottom has taken shape of a bullish H&S pattern. A move above the same could result in reversal of the trend.

others / 17:14, Nov 12, 2014

CIBIL REPORTS are being touted as the solution to all credit decisions. To my mind, such a mindset could be extremely damaging. In this article, I will try to explain why.

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