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How much tax do they take out

how much tax do they take out

You're an Aussie, so I don't know how it is down there, but it's crazy over here in the US. They don't just need the handouts, they demand it. They demand everything from candy bars to hydrocodone. And you'd better give them what they think they need or your ass will be sued and slandered in a heartbeat.

At the pharmacy where I worked (maybe it's a state by state thing, not sure) we could not legally deny anyone their prescription. Doesn't matter if they can't pay for it. Doesn't matter if you know that the doc is heavy handed. They can get it for free, no charge, as long as a doctor tells them they need it and they don't have a job. Because, in America, if you have a job, you get fucked paying for all the people who don't have jobs, and trying to pay for yourself. [/shitty rant part deux]

Well, I was born in Australia and live there for most of my life. Now I'm living in NZ. It's ridiculous here. There is huge tension between Maoris (indigenous people) and everyone else (pakehas). The Maoris are trying to claim land that they once owned and handed over through the 'Treaty of Waitangi'.

Either way, the Maoris are costing the Government a lot of money whether by their land/money settlements, unemployment or crime. I'm not being racist (I am part Maori, and not proud of it). I'm just stating facts and observations. And all these Government payouts cost the taxpayer. The Government would probably tax us as much, regardless of payouts anyway. But the Maori/Pakeha tension is creating a trend. I've heard that Aboriginals have started to follow suit, but I'm not sure of that though.

I'm sure there will be civil war - either way, NZ isn't in a great shape.

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