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How much to have taxes prepared

how much to have taxes prepared

We have gotten our taxes done at H&R Block the past two years, and I'm still reeling over how much it costs!

Last year, it was really expensive and quite a shock because DH was in the military for four years and it was always free. So when it was nearly $300 we were just sorta . But it was explained that it was so high because DH had 3 W-2's (he was in the military and got out in July of that year, then worked a short, short term job while waiting to get hired where he is now, and of course the one from his current job), plus I had a W-2 and it was from California so there was a whole other state to worry with. And of course EIC and the Child Tax Credit since DS was born last year. Okay, fine, I can live with that. A lot of forms =

high price.

This year, though, our total still came out to $241! We only had one W-2 because DH was with the same job all year and I don't WOH. We didn't do any paperwork with my student expenses because I get a full Pell grant. No extra paperwork besides the EIC and Child Tax. But how can it be just as much?

Is everyone paying such high fees for this? I mean, it's worth it to have it done right, but is there an alternative. Is tax software easy and worth it? I'd rather have more of that money in my pocket. (Although the instant money option was only $90 more, and we took it so we could pay the deductible on fixing the car that DH hit a deer in. )

So what do you pay to have your taxes done? Or do you do it yourself? What do you recommend?

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