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How Much will I get back From Income Taxes

how much will i get back from taxes

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Income Statement Preparation I was provided the following information and would like to know how I can figure out the Income taxes (30% of income before taxes) Accounts Payable: 35,000 Accounts Receivable: 65,000 Advertising Expense: 15,000 Cash: 19,500 Supplies Expense: 46,000 Rent.

I am single with no dependents. My gross was 51,757 with 8,600 federal tax withheld. Can someone tell me approximately how much I will get back?

I earned money working in Texas, which does not have a state income tax,

however I discovered when I filed my taxes I was being assesed taxes on income I did not earn in Georgia, I don't know the law, but I feel this is unfair.

Hi, I have a somewhat complicated question about my 2006 taxes. I came to the US in 2001 on a student visa (F1). After I finished my degree I worked one year under OPT, and I left when my OPT/visa expired in May 2006 and went home to my native country and got a job there. So basically I.

If I live in Georgia and I file my taxes as married but filling separate and I made 11,293.93 and I'm claiming one dependent how much would my federal taxes be. If I had Federal income taxes withheld which was 1010.64. And state was 614.30.

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