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How much will my tax refund be

how much will my tax refund be


Best Answer: You don't say how much tax was withheld from your paychecks. Without that info, we can't help you. You can find that out by looking at your most recent pay stubs and getting the "year to date" in the federal and state tax line.

If you don't want them to take your refund, you can file "injured spouse" form. Which means they will separate the two refunds (what you are entitled to and what he is entitled to) and send you yours. This does take longer. But you get your full refund. Which won't be much. Since he made more money, I am going to assume he paid more taxes. You make too much money jointly to get EIC for the children. And if you file separate, it will drastically reduce your refund amount.

In my opinion..since it isn't going to be a lot, let them take the whole thing. Pay off the taxes he owes sooner so it's not a problem anymore.

ADDED. I just saw your added details. What is total of federal taxes withheld from both you and your husband YTD. With the info you gave, you would

owe $732 dollars in federal taxes with 2 dependents and if you had three, your refund amount would be about $800.

I am guessing (hoping) that you paid more in federal taxes than $1484 together. Look at both yours and your husbands FEDERAL tax YTD and tell me what it says.

ADDED: first of all let me nip in the bud the answer below me from cajanass. You can not file seperate if you are married and recieve earned income credit. They don't allow that. Nothing that poster said, is accurate. So ignore it. Filing married gives you a bigger tax break than filing single. The reason your refund is so low now that you are married, is bc now you have to combine your income with your husbands. You made $67,000 together. This puts you above the allowed amount for earned income credit (which is the thousands of dollars people get back when they have children). EIC is for families that are low income. Like a stimulus to help them out. But since you and your husband made $67,000, you are not considered low income. Head of household no longer applies bc you are married.

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