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How reliable is tax act

how reliable is tax act

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My wife and I filed for an extension of our federal tax return. The next day we received an email saying that the application was rejected. The initial problem was that my wife filed the return using her married name but her Social Security # was linked to her maiden name. Easy fix. Great! Just change her last name on the form right? Nope! We patiently followed the links in the email and on the website. The links are easy to follow because they all say "FIX MY RETURN NOW" on each page.

Well once we got to the part where it pulls up our return/extension form nothing happened. A window popped up saying, "gathering e-file. " but the page never opened. It was the weekend and we kept the program running for three days and nothing changed. Customer service wouldn't be opened until Monday morning. Today we called customer service because we were still not able to pull up the form. The rep

walked my wife through the exact steps we had previously followed over the weekend. The program still never pulled up the extension form.

After several attempts with the customer service rep on the phone and it still not working my wife asked to speak to someone in Tech Support. The rep then informed my wife that it would require a fee of $8. As soon as she paid the $8 by credit card before Tech Support even got on the phone the screen unlocked and magically our return/extension form popped up on the screen. My wife changed her last name in the required field and resubmitted the form. The customer service rep then tried to tell my wife that we needed to pay our federal income tax immediately and when my wife questioned her on this issue and told her that we just filed an extension the rep hung up on her. It cannot be a coincidence that our return popped up as soon as the charge went through.

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