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Is Turbo Tax on-line safe to use?

how safe is turbo tax

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I have used it for years. H&R Block online is also a safe good one too that I shifted to last year.

I have not heard or read of any breaches of security.

Yah I’ve used it a couple times and am in the process of using it this year. Never had any problems. It even found a credit I could use, that it turns out my mom could’ve been using for a few years before (college tuition credit when she was claiming me as a dependent). So if she ever gets around to filing amended returns it’ll have saved her like $5,000 >:O .

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Been using for five years straight.

They encrypt all of your data in transit both from you as well as to the IRS (if you choose to e-file), relying on the same technologies to secure communication as major financial institutions.

Point is, Intuit knows full well the risk involved if their stores of your personal information were somehow compromised and leaked. It’s in their best interest to keep your info safe. I’m comfortable that they take that job seriously.

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