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how secure is turbo tax

How To Login

Step 2 –  When you reach the homepage, click the “Sign In ” button at the top right of the page. This will take you to the sign in area where you will be able to sign in an access your account

Step 3 –  On this page you will enter your User ID and Password. If you would like your User ID remembered by the system, simply click the box beside “Remember me,” so that you will not have to continue to recall your user ID

Step 4 –  Click the blue Sign In button. You will see it stated that once you click the sign in button, you will be in agreement with their License Agreement. therefore,

it may be wise to click the link and look over the license agreement prior to signing in.

Forgot Password –  If you are unable to recall your password, from the sign in page, click the “forgot password” link. Once you arrive at the page to get assistance signing into your account, simply enter your email address or User ID. From here you will be guided to either reset your password or retrieve your User ID

Mobile Login

If you feel you would like to utilize your tax program through your mobile device you will have to download an appropriate TTi  app for your mobile device. You will then be able to login to maneuver the program on your respective device

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