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How Tax Return works

If you have worked in Australia and taxes have been withheld from your wages, you can claim your TAXBACK once the Financial Year is finished.

It is never too late or too early to claim your TaxBack! You can claim your tax back for any jobs in Australia for up to the last 10 years.

ALLTAX can get back all, or part of what you paid, depending on your personal circumstances. Variants such as gross payment and tax withheld combined with the number of months in Australia can influence the refund amount.

With a simple and secure AUSTRALIAN TAX RETURN SERVICE. we will make claiming your tax back fast and easy by doing all the hard work and send the money straight to you, wherever you are

in the world.

At ALLTAX. we collect the relevant information about you and your work, to prepare your tax back and forward all documents for you to review it.

If the details are correct and you are satisfied with your tax return estimate, you only have to sign and return the documents to our office and we will do everything for you.

Only after we have received the signed tax documents, we will lodge your tax return, for your own security and satisfaction.

To receive your Tax back, you can choose from receiving a direct deposit into an Australian Bank Account or an International transfer into an overseas bank account or we can post a cheque to your address in Australia or overseas.

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