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how do i add sales tax to an expense in a journal entry when the option is grayed out?

how to add 6 sales tax

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2:38 pm PDT July 28, 2015

You hardly ever use JE in QB. You never use JE for anything to do with Sales Taxes.

An "expense" typically is not Taxed. Your Sales are taxed, to your customers. That is why it is called Sales taxes.

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4:29 pm PDT August 4, 2015

"Client writes the check.  Much easier to record the transaction as a journal entry."

If a check, or a transaction Left the bank as Money out via a Debit Card or EFT, then in the QB program, you use Write Check.

If you were supporting clients who use Job Tracking, you would realize the limitation of JE. They do not allow for using Items, for one thing, which also means you cannot use Qty.

If you are supporting clients who have Sales Tax reporting and payment requirements,

you also cannot use JE for this, if you are trying to use the QB functions for Sales Taxes. JE cannot be used for anything to do with QB's own Sales Tax functionality, if you intend for any of that to work correctly.

"Your initial response, however IMHO, was misleading, particularly to an inexperienced person."

Actually, my initial comment Stands: You hardly ever use JE in QB.

It is the more experienced people that tend to get lost in the weeds, trying to use functions they think will allow them to Force debits and credits into the program.

The QB program has an "interface" which means a Set of tools for Managing the data, which is a Relational Database.

If you use QB for debits and credits in JE, you bypassed probably 80% of the program's functions.

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